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Assembly Unit

Built-in Motor Spindle with Linear Motion Slide

This built-in motor spindle is installed on the linear guideways slide which is designed for various machining applications. Spindle is driven with a driver and encoder. Feeding control is incorporated with the precision ball screw and servo motor. Coolant rotary union is available for this model on center through coolant applications.

  • Spindle Model : SM55H-NT40
  • Slide Model : RH200-640L
  • Spindle Motor : 2.2 KW
  • Feed Motor : DELTA Servo 750W
  • Bearing Lubrication : Lifetime Grease
  • Maximum RPM: 6000
  • Standard Color : GREEN

Options (quote on demand)

  1. Standard driver (Speed Adjustable/without Torque Compensated)
  2. Intermediate driver and Adjustable/Torque Compensated/Ordinary Orientation at low RPM)
  3. Advance driver and encoder (Speed Adjustable/Torque Compensated/Excellent Orientation at low RPM)